Happy German Unity Day

  I don’t mind walls if they look like this! Thinking today of all the people, colleagues, friends and family I would not have met if that stupid German Wall would still be up… Happy German Unity Day everyone!


It’s too warm for a jacket and i am too sick to just wear a light and easy sweater … oh, you cruel Übergangszeit!!  

Monday Madness

Argh, the Weekend is over and Monday finally here! What a disaster! But hey – shhh – you better calm down… it could happen otherwise that your eyebrows > plop < together!! #truestory

Winter is coming!

Sorry, but Summer is over … at least for the people living in Central and Northern Europe! And for all the GoT Fans… super excited for next weeks last episode… OMG, how will i survive until 2018´s very last season?? 

Couples Pt. 1

I was lately in Stralsund´s Ozeaneum and got to see a big installation of a pot whale and a giant squid fighting.. this reminded me of the struggle to separate tights from pants after washing them #unusualcouples #kidscontent #afterwash 

Knolle Love

Nah, i am not making fun of Girls and their Bun hanging low.. actually if i could i would like to do the same. #not

Nonsmoker at last

Hooray! I am a nonsmoker for 22 happy and healthy months now. I don´t miss it at all – but every once in a while i like to take a deep breath…    


I submitted this pregnant lady to the ONFORM Sketches book project. Such a fun task. Have a look yourself: http://onformsketches.tumblr.com/