Tag der Organspende 2019

Heute ist nicht nur Weltkindertag, sondern auch Tag der Organspende. Als Angehörige eines transplantierten Menschen liegt mir das Thema sehr am Herzen.  Denn es kann jeden von uns irgendwann betreffen, z.B. nach einem Unfall oder einer spät diagnostizierten Krankheit. Die Organspende ist also nicht nur […]

Parental Leave Diary

Some doodles i made while being pregnant and on maternity leave. Some for Insta, some for my son´s first photo album. An ongoing private project… https://www.instagram.com/julegeflitter/ Leaving the room like a mature person…   With Kid you don’t leave your house anymore with just that […]

sister MAG No. 35

Which came first? The chicken, the egg or the anchorman? Right, Sister Mag! Check out Issue No. 35 here: http://www.sister-mag.com/magazin/sistermag-no-35-maerz-2018/        


“Das Zeichenbuch mit dem Blob” is out!! Just got my copy of this lovely Book published by EMF Verlag and Karoline Pietrowski. Thanks for this fun drawing game and for printing my girls! And two more that didn´t make it…

Happy German Unity Day

  I don’t mind walls if they look like this! Thinking today of all the people, colleagues, friends and family I would not have met if that stupid German Wall would still be up… Happy German Unity Day everyone!


It’s too warm for a jacket and i am too sick to just wear a light and easy sweater … oh, you cruel Übergangszeit!!  

Monday Madness

Argh, the Weekend is over and Monday finally here! What a disaster! But hey – shhh – you better calm down… it could happen otherwise that your eyebrows > plop < together!! #truestory

Knolle Love

Nah, i am not making fun of Girls and their Bun hanging low.. actually if i could i would like to do the same. #not

Nonsmoker at last

Hooray! I am a nonsmoker for 22 happy and healthy months now. I don´t miss it at all – but every once in a while i like to take a deep breath…